Create a Popup in Adobe InDesign for a PDF then Preflight

Preflight InDesign during prepress with FlightCheck software for print quality assurance by Markzware:

Use Adobe InDesign CS5 or higher to show and hide content to add functionality and interactivity to an exported PDF. Then preflight your Adobe InDesign files and package jobs during prepress with FlightCheck preflight software by Markzware to check documents for print quality assurance before output. In prepress, FlightCheck can thoroughly preflight Adobe InDesign, as well as provide a detailed preflight report to warn of potential printing problems.

Here is a video (5:21) that explains how to show or hide content in InDesign for a PDF:


FlightCheck can preflight Adobe InDesign CS5 for prepress, plus save a lot of time and money, avoiding wasted materials, labor and reprints. To purchase FlightCheck, please visit the FlightCheck page on the Markzware website.

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