Designing Book Covers and Preflighting Illustrations

Graphic design blogs are plentiful. The assortment of graphic design blogs ranges from windows media graphics to Mac publishing projects. The following video shows an inspiring look at designing artwork for book covers. “The making of a book cover [time-lapse video]” and was posted by AllTop, a Guy Kawasaki venture. Most graphic designers hope their document output would look professional enough to appear in the likes of Graphic Design Magazine.

Markzware, developer of preflight solution, FlightCheck, has been involved with preflighting for decades. In that time, we have heard many stories of how graphic design industry members may push preflighting InDesign layout and Illustrator files for cover artwork to the next party, such as the print-shop. It makes more sense to just use Markzware FlightCheck, since it makes preflighting so easy. I wouldn’t trust anyone to mess with the design after it was exported… Amazing work here:

Preflight solution, FlightCheck, checks book covers, illustrations and more for print quality control before output

Markzware has additional graphic design and preflighting articles in the Markzware blogs, including FlightCheck articles.

Designing Book Covers and Preflighting Illustrations