Disciplined File Creation – Printing Quality Control

Printing quality control is a must in the print workflow to create, color correct, optimize, verify and convert content. The print industry has access to the preflighting solution, FlightCheck by Markzware, to support prepress. FlightCheck can check documents in a range of file formats to find possible printing problems, before it’s too late.

Beyond preflight, the prepress workflow would benefit from a commitment to better educate the customer. Customers should be told why they need to create a “good file”. It helps to know why everyone in the prepress workflow is responsible to ensure print quality control.

There are commercial, publication, book, large-format and other printers. Ask them about the number of flawed (incomplete or ill-prepared) digital files that they receive from clients. You may be surprised to learn just how many instances of a “bad file” there are in the market. Even with the advent of the Portable Document Format (PDF), which promised to resolve some printing problems for the printer, the old industry saying, “garbage in, garbage out” holds true. FlightCheck flags printing problems to warn of issues before document output.

Customers and print suppliers should have an understanding of printing quality control. It is a way to ensure that files are properly prepared and complete in the prepress workflow. Another way is to provide customers with basic prepress instruction and encourage them to use preflight as their verification solution. The standard preflight solution is Markzware’s FlightCheck, which can be used to preflight PDF files and more for print quality. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Disciplined File Creation, Printing Quality Control

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