Ducktype Digital and Get Creative News on Digital Prepress

Shellie L. Hall on Digital Prepress
Ducktype Digital and Get Creative News

As a prepress professional I have spent many hours going through customers’ digital files one by one, checking for everything from fonts, to page size and image resolution to make sure the files would print correctly on press. Some of the documents I have worked on include annual reports for companies like Equifax and Coca-cola – where quality is part of their reputation. With the use of FlightCheck Professional, I gained the ability to quickly preflight my files, with pinpoint accuracy each time – every time. Without Markzware FlightCheck I never would have been able to get my files on press as quickly and accurately. Thanks for giving me 15 years of peace of mind as a prepress professional.

Ducktype Digital and Get Creative News on Digital Prepress (FlightCheck testimonial)

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