Easy Preflight App Tells Graphic Designers If DTP File Is Print-Ready

Markzware’s FlightCheck is an easy to use preflight app that tells graphic designers if a DTP file is print-ready:

Before printing a document, graphic designers must ensure correct page size, used fonts, colors, brand support, variable entries, and other details are correct. Preflighting is especially important in today’s fast-turnaround print workflow. A preflight solution could help to inspect the document for errors, before printing.

Markzware develops many award-winning products that successfully help print, publishing and graphic arts professionals in desktop publishing (DTP) workflows. Markzware’s FlightCheck is a stand-alone pre-press application that can check several details within a DTP document, to ensure print quality control.

If your document’s print aspects are not correct, a multitude of issues could occur and cause you and your customers to lose money. Pre press software can examine the document, to determine if it is fit to print. Here is a video demonstration of how to use the FlightCheck preflight app, which can discover print issues early in the workflow:

Easy Preflight App Tells Graphic Designers If DTP File Is Print-Ready

Graphic Designers can use Markzware’s FlightCheck to preflight Adobe CC 2018 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and other files, to ensure readiness to print.

You can confirm the customer’s and the printer’s output requirements and use FlightCheck to help address these points, before the document is produced. With FlightCheck, you just select your settings and drop a design file on the FlightCheck icon. Markzware’s pre-press application will then handle the preflight check for you.

Preflight the artwork
Preflighting the artwork before sending to the print shop is a must. If you have done all the things mentioned above, you have manually preflighted a great deal of what is needed. Using a preflight program like FlightCheck from Markzware or similar will help further. It’s most annoying to discover just before you deliver your work that it’s not in line with necessary printing standards.

– Sigurdur Armannsson, Art Director/IT/Teacher

Key Benefits of Using FlightCheck:
• saves preflight and prepress time, by providing a built-in checklist.
• prevents waste of print materials and labor.
• eliminates the need for a manual preflight check.
• can inspect both PDF and non-PDF documents, for printing quality.
• gives you several inspection options, to fit your workflow.
• helps commercial print shops to be more productive.
• avoids the risks associated with poor print quality, by notifying users of document errors, the location of those errors, and other print-related data.
• allows staff to collaborate and avoid repeat work, since it consolidates print job files into one folder.
• assures that a full preflight checklist has been conducted prior to printing.

OPI Preferences in Markzware FlightCheck, Easy Preflight App,
Collects and Reports Low and High Resolution Images, and Tells
Graphic Designers if a DTP File Is Print-Ready:

Features in FlightCheck
• stand-alone preflight ability.
• batch preflighting to check multiple files in one preflighting session, to allow higher production.
• support for multiple file types.
• customizable Ground Controls.
• reporting on discovered file problems.
• file collection to package fonts, graphics and other print job files into one folder.
• support for several languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish.

Print design workflows typically provide a PDF for printing. FlightCheck is capable of checking both PDF and non-PDF documents for printing quality.

FlightCheck supports all popular output formats:
• InDesign
• Illustrator
• QuarkXPress
• Photoshop

Easy Preflight App, Markzware FlightCheck,
Finds Missing Font Embedded in Illustrator Graphic (+ More) &
Tells Graphic Designers If DTP File Is Print-Ready:

FlightCheck’s flexible options allow you to receive a report on unacceptable document details. The Ground Controls within can be customized, to suit your workflow’s needs.

Markzware’s FlightCheck can inspect these common file problems and more:
• images
• colors
• fonts
• file format
• transparencies
• ink density
• page size
• trapping

All print workflows should have a document checking process in place, to make sure that files undergo thorough proofing before going to press. With FlightCheck, you can check a variety of design points, in time to allow for corrections, before the document is printed.

For more information on Markzware‘s preflight software to check files for print quality, see the FlightCheck page. For more printing tools and DTP solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

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Easy Preflight App Tells Graphic Designers If DTP File Is Print-Ready