FlightCheck Professional v6.5 changing machines

FlightCheck Professional v6.5 changing machines

FlightCheck Professional is licensed to one person, one machine. Markzware‘s FlightCheck supports Adobe CS5 and CS4 and many more file formats. How can you change your FlightCheck license from one machine to another?

Changing FlightCheck Machines
Changing Markzware FlightCheck to another machine is simple. Wherever FlightCheck Professional is installed, you can de-activate it from that machine in a very easy fashion. If you want to switch a hard-drive or machines, it is very *important* to first de-activate your license. Then simply re-install, or better said, activate on your other system. Under the “Help” menu up in FlightCheck on the active machine, choose, “Activation Window” and then select De-Activate. Then, re-install on another computer. Here are some screen shots of the process:

Markzware FlightCheck Professional Initial Activation Window

Markzware FlightCheck Professional De-Activation, De-Activate FlightCheck

Markzware FlightCheck Professional Entering Correct License ID to activate FlightCheck License

Installing and Activating FlightCheck – Changing Machines

How to install and activate Markzware’s preflight solution, when changing machines

Changing FlightCheck machines can allow your print workflow to preflight with more flexibility. FlightCheck is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS5 and InDesign CS4 desktop publishing (DTP) formats. Please visit the Markzware site for more information on FlightCheck. This preflighting technology can check InDesign CS5 and CS4 documents and more for print quality control before output.

FlightCheck Professional v6.5 changing machines

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