How To Preflight Adobe InDesign 2024 via FlightCheck For More Detailed Preflighting

Learn How To
Preflight Adobe InDesign 2024 via
FlightCheck For More Detailed Preflighting

Adobe InDesign 2024 & FlightCheck Preflight Application

InDesign 2024 is a desktop publishing application included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which is used by graphic designers, advertisers, and other creative professionals, to create eye-catching layouts for print, publishing, and graphic arts. FlightCheck can help you to check fonts, colors, images, and other document content in an InDesign 2024 (.INDD) document, for editing, printing, archiving, and more.

Instructions For How To Preflight Adobe InDesign 2024 via FlightCheck

To interact with your Adobe InDesign 2024 document and enable more detailed preflighting than Adobe offers:

  1. In InDesign, choose the “Preflight Document…” menu item.
  2. Click “Preflight Document…”. This will take you into FlightCheck, where you can modify the document. You can also generate a Preflight Report or make the most of your content and of other FlightCheck features, as well.

Video: Export from Affinity Publisher to InDesign, how-to

"Markzware. Get Approved. Get Content. Be Creative" in Black Text, with FlightCheck, Acrobat, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, & Photoshop Icons, Play Button, and "FlightCheck Preflight Adobe CC 2024" in Yellow Text on Blue Rectangle With Black Inline Frame.

This video shows you how to preflight InDesign 2024 files, using Markzware’s stand-alone
FlightCheck 2024 macOS preflight application. Preview, inspect, report, and package Adobe InDesign,
Illustrator, Photoshop 2024 PDF, and other desktop publishing DTP files, without external applications.

Preflight Software For Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop Users

Markzware offers trusted software for creatives and graphic design file users to preview, preflight, export, and convert PDF and other desktop publishing documents. To get the latest news about Markzware products and print industry-related news, join our mailing list and follow Markzware on LinkedInYouTubeFacebook, and other social media websites.


Hi, everybody! David Dilling, on behalf of Markzware. Great news! FlightCheck is now out with Adobe CC 2024 support, Creative Cloud 2024 support! So, now, FlightCheck will be able to pre-flight, preview, and package & report on Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop 2024 file types, as well!

Very exciting, but check out the new Usage Report in FlightCheck. That’s really neat. Like we mentioned, up in FlightCheck, there’s the new Usage Statistics, which is very valuable for those that need to keep track of what they’re checking and when they checked it. You get your average score. Not bad, right? And you can also share this, but watch this.

You even take a native Photoshop file, a 2024 PSD file, and check it out. We even warn you about Generative AI! Look at that, right there. And cool, hit “Edit in Photoshop” and bang! You’re right there, right in, at the Generative AI, the waterfall. Pretty cool! Share that with your colleagues or your boss.

Quality assurance is very important. That’s why many people don’t only use FlightCheck as a standalone application, however, also in-app, like within Adobe InDesign. There, you can activate FlightCheck and get to work on fixing things and jumping back and forth, automatically between FlightCheck, the reporting, and the design document or layout, in Adobe InDesign, in this case.

Now, let’s say you want to interact with this document, in Adobe InDesign, and get a more detailed preflight than Adobe offers. Go to the menu item in InDesign and choose “Preflight Document…”. There are some conversion options from some of our Markz-line products, as well.

So, I click “Preflight Document…” and it takes us right into FlightCheck, and we can now get to work on this document in FlightCheck. Run some reports or maybe do some other advanced things we need to do. Very handy!

So, check out Markzware FlightCheck 2024, over on For annual subscribers, you get this for free. Just go to your unique and private download URL and you can get this latest version. For Perpetual users of FlightCheck, you can purchase an upgrade, over on, for a very small price.

And for those new to FlightCheck, cruise on over to There, you can get all kinds of details on how to purchase the product at a very affordable price, in and of itself. So, that’s Markzware FlightCheck, with Adobe Creative Cloud 2024 support. Check it out, today, over at [Music]

How To Preflight Adobe InDesign 2024 via FlightCheck For More Detailed Preflighting

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