Learn Prepress – Watch The FlightCheck Video Demonstration

Learn prepress with Markzware, the developer of FlightCheck. This patented preflighting technology can check documents in many file types for print quality control. Markzware offers many ways to learn prepress with FlightCheck:

Try the free FlightCheck demo. Download it and see for yourself how easy preflighting can be for finding potential printing errors before you print.

You are welcome to contact Markzware and visit our office in Santa Ana, California, or in Rijswijk, Netherlands. We can give you a personal FlightCheck demonstration of print quality control for prepress. A FlightCheck demonstration highlights the ins-and-outs of this powerful stand-alone preflight tool. This pre press software for the print workflow can check many file formats, including:

We have also posted several versions of a FlightCheck video demonstration on MarkzwareTV, Markzware’s YouTube channel. A FlightCheck video demonstration on MarkzwareTV shows you the main features and functions of FlightCheck for preflighting. It is a very useful, educational and fun way to learn prepress.

Watch this FlightCheck video demonstration:

FlightCheck Demonstration Video on Preflighting. Learn Prepress.

Check out preflighting, an important prepress skill, as shown in a FlightCheck demonstration above.
You can buy Markzware’s preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Learn Prepress. Watch The FlightCheck Video Demonstration.