FOLIO Production Survey for Publishers says...

FOLIO Production Survey for Publishers says…

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is almost as old as I am. As mentioned in a very interesting and detailed production survey for publishers, it is also still the main file transfer method preferred by printers:

FOLIO:’s 2009 Manufacturing and Production Trends Survey reports what tools—like ad portals, virtual proofing and XML workflows—continue to come into their own and save publishers valuable dollars, as well as those areas that manufacturing and production execs are avoiding. Facing so many challenges this year, it appears that decision makers are remaining status quo and investing only in upgrades that will save big in the long run.

Let’s just check out a couple of the color graphic designs they had, but, much more when read the entire article:

Prepress Sources (Pre-Press)


So prepress is continuing its in-house migration in the publishing industry.

Print workflow processes like Adobe CS5 production and Markzware products like FlightCheck help to streamline preflighting. (Note: FlightCheck Professional is shipping with Adobe CS5 production compatibility, as well as Illustrator, PDF CS4, and Quark 8 support. Preflight and package with FlightCheck!) We also see that XML and the conversion to a more readily readable file format is also on the move:



Adobe CS5 production workflows can benefit greatly from the print quality control provided by Markzware’s FlightCheck. For more printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

FOLIO Production Survey for Publishers says…

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