Fonts Used in Images: Preflight Tips in FlightCheck Preflight Solution

Fonts Used in Images in a DTP Layout
Preflight Tips with FlightCheck Preflight Solution

Using fonts in images is, of course, possible. In some images, the fonts are not embedded, not converted to outlines. Then you have to really make sure your preflight pencil with Markzware FlightCheck is sharpened, to make sure your design prints as desired. Fonts Used in Images, best practice tips for preflighting… Click this video to watch:

Fonts Used in Images in a DTP Layout – Preflight Tips in FlightCheck – YouTube

Preflighting with Markzware FlightCheck,preflight solution to ensure print quality control

Fonts Used in Images, Preflight tips with FlightCheck transcript:
Hi, everybody! David Dilling from Markzware. Today’s quick tip, in FlightCheck, the stand-alone preflight application for the Macintosh. Let’s drop this InDesign file onto FlightCheck and see what it tells us. FlightCheck will scan more than fifty file formats, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and give you a full report. The first screen, just for review, is a plain, English-language overview of the potential problems and what they might be. We see some useful information: Picture box off page. In the main screen, or the main overview, we can drill into all different areas: colors, fonts, images, etc.

So, today’s tip has to do with images which use other elements, like live fonts, inside of them. For instance, here we see a logo in PDF format. You’ll see in this column here, there is a little icon. What does that mean? And you can sort by different things. If you hover your mouse over that icon, you’ll see it’ll tell you which fonts are used inside of that image, or PDF, in this case, which is acting as an image. Okay, so, I made many changes to this file here, just to give you an example. I’m going to drop it on FlightCheck. I’ve added a bunch of other files with embedded fonts. (FlightCheck eagle screeches) Sort here and then I will see this one here is added, and we see Georgia Bold is used.

Fonts Used in Images, or font usage in images, can be tricky, so use all tools available! And, once again, you’ll see up here, in the Fonts section, I can now see Georgia Bold. You see right where it is. But these fonts, (indicates other fonts in Fonts list) we don’t have them. That’s why it’s red. So, you see they’re red, because we don’t have these fonts on our system. But if we want to edit this file in a PDF editor, we’ll need those fonts, if we’re going to make technical changes to that logo, that PDF logo here, because, you see, we don’t have them loaded. This one, in the WYSIWYG EPS, this font here, Georgia Bold, we do have.

FlightCheck can preflight and package Adobe Illustrator files, as well. (FlightCheck eagle screeches) Photoshop, too. Alright, and what we see is we have another file, and we see that it’s using all of those fonts in there. Look at them all. So, very handy to know which fonts are used where. As you can see, this file uses a lot of fonts, in general, and you see a lot of specifics about fonts, as well. What’s also nice is you can also get an image preview with many images, as well. Very useful.

Besides seeing fonts used in images, we see a lot of other preflight detail. You notice we have a lot of details on color mode, resolution, a lot of great details on your image, including the EPSF, where the fonts are used within, but not converted to outline, which we have another video on, on how to convert fonts to outline, which many of you know, but for those who don’t, you can maybe check that out. Also, you’ll see these are Photoshop documents, and if I make this bigger, I could see the .psd files here. So, you get a lot of valuable information. And this is just a quick tip: How to see images which are using other elements inside, fonts, or even if other images or graphics are placed inside of the image, we see that, as well.

Markzware’s FlightCheck version 6.90, is available for Macintosh, and once again, will check more than fifty file formats, and you can download a demo version and try it for yourself on /products/flightcheck/. Thank you. David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day! Fonts Used in Images, no longer has to be a problem!

Fonts Used in Images: Best practice preflight tips with FlightCheck, preflight solution for print quality control!