Frank Romano asks ‘What Is This?’ Patrick of Markzware ‘Answers!’

Frank Romano posed a printing industry question. Patrick Marchese gave the correct answer. Patrick is the President/CEO of Markzware, the publisher of FlightCheck. FlightCheck is the preflight solution to check documents during prepress for printing quality:

Font diskette for an Itek 1200/1400 phototypesetter

Last week, Frank Romano posted a video blog titled, “How Online Content is Changing Print” on In this blog, he concluded by holding an item and asking ‘What is this?’

There were 120 respondents and one correct answer: a font disk for an Itek phototypesetter!
My reward: a copy of the 20th edition Pocket Pal©.

Many years ago, I was a typesetter. I became familiar with several proprietary typesetting machine languages, including the Itek’s. I’m now President of Markzware, the maker of FlightCheck and many more products.

My first experience working on an Itek was at the ‘Horsetrader Magazine.’ Dave Jacobson owned the magazine and also founded the Gutenberg Festival, once the largest print show of its day.

Soon after, I worked for a company in California. It was ICIB (Insurance Companies Inspection Bureau) typesetting detailed insurance forms. The Itek’s ‘display’ did not reveal the typesetting code as a ‘graphic’. So, it took a few times to get the forms to output as conceptualized. My goal was to typeset the forms for outputting as one piece, without the need to ‘paste-up.’ Let’s call it an early form of ‘what you see is what you get,’ or more to the point ‘what you conceptualize is what you get.’ I often dealt with minor changes, and outputting as one piece helped avoid opaquing the negative. This resulted in less time spent preparing the piece and a higher level of print quality.

I enjoyed working on that Itek – until a better ‘typesetting’ machine changed publishing introducing ‘wysiwyg’… ‘The Apple Macintosh.’

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About Patrick Marchese
Patrick Marchese is the CEO of Markzware, the publisher of FlightCheck, software  for preflighting. To ensure print quality control during prepress, FlightCheck can check:

FlightCheck is available from Markzware via the FlightCheck page.

Frank Romano asks ‘What Is This?’ Patrick of Markzware ‘Answers!’