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Markzware, publisher of FlightCheck software for preflighting during prepress, saw this thread about preflighting for prepress:

Can anyone think of REAL reason[s] why one must remove unused colors and fonts from empty spaces or stylesheets? Isn’t the point of PDF workflow to resolve these ancient issues? I don’t know what make less sense, between this or “you can’t have knockout type over rich black”. I watch a co-worker wasted time searching and removing empty spaces/non-printing points from Illy [Illustrator] files because our prepress ran flightcheck and found “truetype” fonts that shouldn’t be there [all used fonts are embedded]…the easiest solution to proof this is not a problem, create a clean pdf and voila, it’s all gone and fonts are embedded…yet, he got a response, similar to “this is a one time deal” only. He must keep Illy files in .eps format in the future!…

Why not do it right and clean up the mess before sending it to prepress? I’ve seen plenty of times where a designer, instead of deleting an object off of the page, will cover it up with another box. With files these days and transparency everywhere it’s not unheard of to see these objects end up getting in the printed page. Yeah, thanks for leaving that stuff in there.

Oh, you can have “knockout type over rich black” but don’t come back complaining when it gets a little out of register and you see color hanging out of it and if it’s small reverse type there is a good chance you won’t even be able to read it.
prepress ran flightcheck and found “truetype” fonts that shouldn’t be there [all used fonts are embedded]…
Source: Going Backward? [slight rant] –

To clean up documents before sending to prepress, do your preflighting with FlightCheck software. Markzware’s application for preflighting is available via the FlightCheck page. thread on Prepress Preflighting

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