Graphic Design Outsourcing; Indian style

Graphic Design Outsourcing; Indian style

In a recent post, we looked at how outsourcing is effecting North America and Europe’s print businesses. As you know, FlightCheck Professional v6.5 pre press software by Markzware can help preflight during the prepress workflow process.  Today, we look briefly at how many are outsourcing the graphic design and pre press preparation of print ads, to India in this case.

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Print ads have surely seen a decline, yet printing continues daily. Graphic design is more than just page layout. That is why I think “western” graphic designers will not be out of jobs anytime soon. Cultural and language barriers associated with true brand and content management are a factor in this.

Layout design is not Pre press. Couple that with an explosion of new media channels. Of course, the Internet is leading the charge. Mobile and eReaders or tablet computers are coming on strong, as well. This is, perhaps, a brand of outsourcing that is not only based on price, but perhaps also demand.

You can buy Markzware’s preflight solution to check graphic design files for print quality, via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

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Graphic Design Outsourcing; Indian style

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