Graphic Designing for Various Cultures: The Meaning of Color

Color meaning as in this color infographic for graphic designers is important when using chart colors to make a full color brochure, print posters or other color advertisements for various cultures or countries. The meaning of the color blue, like that stork spotted in Germany, differs as a symbolism color from one part of the world to the next; it indicates gods for Hindus and life for Japan, but unhappiness for Native Americans and trouble for South Americans.

Color meaning and the meaning of blue vary in color designs and color advertising from culture to culture.  The colorful designs of cultural advertising can convey different meanings through the use of different colors in the cultural designs created for professional graphic design.  There are many more interesting and yes, colorful examples to check out. Before color graphic printing, be sure to preflight color graphics with FlightCheck, preflight software for print quality control. Preflighting is especially valuable, when you are producing a colorful graphic design. See:

The Meaning of Colors

For information on graphic designing for various cultures, see the Markzware FlightCheck manual’s page on selecting a language via Preflight Mode. Use pre-flight solution, Markzware FlightCheck to preflight color print jobs.