GWG makes MS Office and Acrobat 9 PDF creation from Office Applications Easy-as-pie

Making a print-ready Acrobat PDF or similar PDF file can be tricky. Preflight for document quality control with FlightCheck should be a key part of any graphic design or publishing workflow.

Markzware‘s FlightCheck is patented preflighting technology to thoroughly check many file formats. Preflight PDF and more, to find printing problems before document output. This print quality control enables you to correct the problems and save time, money, labor, and reprints.

Markzware develops FlightCheck, to check Adobe PDF and many other file types. So, we noticed this initiative for PDF creation:

Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Updates Require New GWG Guidelines for PDF Creation from Office Applications

To make it easier and faster to get quality results in PDFs created from Office applications, the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) has issued new best practice process guidelines. The new guidelines were developed in response to recent changes made to Office applications and the Adobe Acrobat family of products.

The new Office Printing PDF Creator Guidelines are available for free download at:

Says Menno Mooji, co-chairman of the GWG Office Document Printing Subcommittee and a founder of ISI Publishing Innovators, “With the software changes in Microsoft Office Service Pack 2 and Adobe Acrobat 9, new ways of creating predictable PDFs are now possible. As a result, we’ve released a document outlining best practices that cater to the new developments.

Want to see a good way to preflight documents destined for print, whether Adobe files, Quark or many others? Watch this FlightCheck video demonstration and try the free FlightCheck demo:

PDF Ground Controls Set Menu
in Markzware FlightCheck
PDF Ground Controls Set Menu in Markzware FlightCheck

FlightCheck scans documents and provides detailed preflight reports, so printing problems can be corrected before output. For print-ready PDF files, use FlightCheck preflight software by Markzware for document quality control.

GWG makes MS Office and Acrobat 9 PDF creation from Office Applications Easy-as-pie

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