How Graphic Design Educators Can Add Preflight to Print Training Courses

How Graphic Design Educators
Can Add Preflight to
Print Training Courses

Enhance Your Graphic Design Education with Markzware Software

Graphic design courses at universities can incorporate prepress technologies, such Markzware’s FlightCheck. This stand-alone preflight application for macOS will preview, preflight, report, and package desktop publishing files, including fonts, images, colors, and other document elements. By analyzing PDF and design files for print-readiness, FlightCheck assists students in learning preflighting procedures.

How Graphic Design Educators Can Add Preflight to Print Training Courses 780x410: Educator Presents a FlightCheck Class. Monitor on Stand Displays FlightCheck Interface to Preflight Fonts. Whiteboard Text Says, "FlightCheck will preflight: images, graphics, & charts ... file type, version, & modified date ... used fonts, missing fonts, & more.

Educators can teach their students skills about
preflighting graphic design documents for print occupations.

Principal Advantages for Academic Institutions:

• Prepare Files and Preflight: Ensures that files satisfy criteria to meet print specifications, preventing costly mistakes. It finds printing flaws before document production.

• Remediation & Accessibility: Enables preflighting for content production workflows that process PDF documents for print.

• Workflow Automation: Batch processing simplifies print workflows; Adobe InDesign integration automates prepress jobs

Academic Programs offer educational pricing that enables colleges to incorporate quality prepress solutions. This fills in the knowledge gap between the classroom and the workplace, by giving aspiring designers practical skills.

Markzware Academic Program

Markzware Academic Program

The Markzware Academic Program can provide tools and resources to help educational institutions to train graphic designers to understand how to use software to inspect and analyze all colors, fonts, images and more within both native and PDF documents.

From the beginning of the digital revolution, FlightCheck has been a “go to” application for print and output quality control. It requires no dependencies, which means that neither the native application nor plug-ins are needed to run this software.

Benefits of Markzware’s Academic Program include:

• Academic Pricing Discounts: Get FlightCheck Licenses for Your Classes
• Academic Offerings Delivered to Your Inbox
• Additional Academic Resources and Tools (Tutorial Videos & more)

"Preview, Preflight, Extract & Convert" in White Text on Black Rectangle. "MarkzPortal, MarkzAPI, ConvertMarkz, FlightCheck, IDMarkz, QXPMarkz, PDFMarkz, OmniMarkz" in White Text. MarkzPortal (Light Blue), MarkzAPI (Orange), ConvertMarkz (Purple), FlightCheck (Blue), IDMarkz (Red), QXPMarkz (Yellow), PDFMarkz (Pink), OmniMarkz (Green) Logos on Color-Coordinated Tiles.

PDF & DTP Software For Graphic Design Educators

Markzware offers software for graphic design professors, trainers, and other graphic arts educators to preview, preflight, export, and convert PDF and desktop publishing documents. Become a Markzware Reseller or a Markzware Affiliate.

To get the latest news about Markzware products and print industry-related news, join our mailing list. You can also follow Markzware on X, LinkedIn, YouTube,  Facebook, and other social media websites. Prepare your students for a variety of professional options, by using Markzware solutions.

How Graphic Design Educators Can Add Preflight to Print Training Courses

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Title: How Graphic Design Educators Can Add Preflight to Print Training Courses
Published on: May 13, 2024
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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