How to Preflight DTP Files for Print Quality via Pre Press Software

How to Preflight DTP Files for Print Quality via Pre Press Software

How to preflight DTP files for print quality via Markzware’s pre press software, FlightCheck:

Pre-press document issues can create impediments to quality print production for publishing. A great way to prevent these bottlenecks is to use professional software for preflighting.

Markzware has provided preflight software to numerous organizations in several industries related to Desktop Publishing (DTP). FlightCheck is Markzware’s preflight solution to present error information to users in an easy-to-understand preflight report. This allows publishers to resolve issues, before the file is sent to print.

Sorting Images for Publishing, by Using FlightCheck,
Pre Press Software to Preflight DTP Files for Print Quality:

Sorting Images in Publishing with Markzware FlightCheckMarkzware’s preflight software provides many benefits. FlightCheck:
• offers an extensive preflight checklist to help you through the preflight process.
• allows your team to work together to accomplish prepress tasks.
• can preflight both PDF and non-PDF documents for printing quality.
• reduces costs that result from poor print quality.
• allows you to customize your document inspection with flexible Preferences and Ground Controls.
• is helpful for large, complex documents that would require many hours and much effort to check with human eyes.
• avoids bottlenecking the print workflow to allow the workflow to step up production.
• checks a list of important preflight checkpoints for print quality control.
• details file errors, including issues with colors, image resolution and missing fonts.
• is a product by Markzware, leading publisher of preflight technology for print quality assurance.
• allows the workflow to proceed faster, by batch preflighting several files at once.

Preflighting is a valuable prepress process for publishing workflows. With FlightCheck, you get unparalleled preflight capabilities for your DTP projects.

How to Preflight DTP Files for Print Quality, using FlightCheck (general instructions):

  • Install and activate FlightCheck preflight software.
  • Click on your preferred checkboxes in FlightCheck’s Preferences and Ground Controls.
  • Set Ground Control items to Off, Warning, or Error, depending on the needs of your print workflow.
  • Drag and drop your file onto the FlightCheck icon to begin the preflighting process.
  • FlightCheck will alert you to the potential printing problems that you specified.

FlightCheck provides solid print quality control that helps you to prepare your prepress files for optimum results. The prepress document can be PDF or non-PDF, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, and more.

You can check desktop publishing documents for file problems, before publishing, by using FlightCheck. Learn how, as this video demonstrates:

How to Preflight DTP Files for
Print Quality via Pre Press Software

Markzware’s FlightCheck can check many
Desktop Publishing file types, to maintain print quality control.

FlightCheck integrates well with prepress workflows that use any common DTP files. It can collect files into a single folder, enabling printers to quickly create a print job for the publishing workflow.

FlightCheck has many amazing features including:
• bulk preflighting to check multiple files in one scanning session.
• support for QXP, PostScript, PDF, and other DTP file types.
• Ground Controls that you can customize.
• file collection to package fonts and other DTP files into one print job folder.
• display of alerts and warnings in a helpful preflight report.
• user-friendly interface, with options and checklist areas.

A prepress operator can organize a layout file into something that a printer can use to print it. From bleed and spot colors to fonts and image resolution, FlightCheck preflights the document details and reports on them.

FlightCheck can inspect many file formats, including:
• AI
• FH
• and more.

FlightCheck‘s file collection interface allows users to request FlightCheck to gather print job information for workflow team members. The print job folder contains the production files.

Some file details that FlightCheck can check include:
• bleed
• colors
• font size
• hairlines
• ink density
• spot colors
• image resolution
• and much more
flightcheck-logoThe job folder provides an up-to-date, workflow-wide view of the files. This enables team members to see current job status, make edits, share the folder, etc., in order to collaborate.

Buying FlightCheck
You can buy this preflight solution, via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions for DTP, on the Markzware Products page.

Did this preflight solution help your print workflow to preflight DTP files for print quality? Please comment below. You can subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and socialize with Markzware on
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How to Preflight DTP Files for Print Quality via Pre Press Software

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