InDesign CC 2017 Prepress: Check InDesign Creative Cloud Print Quality

InDesign CC 2017 Prepress: Check InDesign Creative Cloud Print Quality

If you handle InDesign CC 2017 prepress files on macOS, you can check InDesign Creative Cloud 2017 print quality, using Markzware’s FlightCheck:

Preflighting is an important prepress step to ensure that your PDF or non-PDF output will print or publish as you intended. To catch document errors before press time, you can use preflight software at any point in the prepress workflow.

Markzware offers first-rate pre press software for checking data, with precision, in several file formats. Markzware’s FlightCheck is a stand-alone preflight solution for quality control of print, publishing and graphic arts files.

You can find errors in Adobe InDesign CC 2017 files, before sharing or printing. You can also collect and package CC 2017 files. See how, in this FlightCheck demonstration video:

InDesign CC 2017 Prepress: Check InDesign Creative Cloud Print Quality

With a load of helpful preflight features, Markzware’s FlightCheck is an ideal solution for printers, publishers and graphic designers seeking quality assurance.

What are the benefits of preflighting with FlightCheck?
• provides a built-in list of important checkpoints to assist you with your preflight tasks.
• ensures all required fonts and images are included.
• allows you to customize your document scan, using FlightCheck‘s Preferences and Ground Controls.
• allows you to use a simple drag and drop method to start the automatic preflight process.
• supports PDF and non-PDF file types.
• identifies file problems, allowing users to streamline the print workflow.
• avoids the risks associated with poor print quality.
• presents an issues log that allows users to address these file problems before they become printing problems.
• is developed by Markzware, leading developer of stand-alone preflight technology to control printing quality.
• helps you to speed up production by setting options according to your workflow’s needs, which can enable you to increase company profit.

With its many feature offerings, FlightCheck does a thorough print quality check. It gives you a chance to correct document problems and prevent disastrous results.

With FlightCheck, you choose settings and drop your file on the FlightCheck icon. Markzware’s application will do the preflighting for you.

Using Markzware FlightCheck for InDesign CC 2017 Prepress, to
Check InDesign Creative Cloud 2017 Files for Print Quality:

Preflighting Multiple InDesign CC 2017 Files with Markzware FlightCheckSome features in FlightCheck:
• easy installation via the Applications folder.
• support for a variety of file types.
• customizable Ground Controls.
• chance to select multiple files to check within the same preflight session.
• support for multiple languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, and more).
• detailed, custom preflight reporting, with alerts and warnings.
• file collection to package print job files into one folder.

Markzware‘s FlightCheck can check your client-supplied files, to make sure they are print-ready, reducing repeat work. With FlightCheck, all of the pages in your document can become a top quality print result.

FlightCheck can check a multitude of file formats, including:
• InDesign
• Illustrator
• QuarkXPress
• Photoshop
• and many more

Markzware‘s prepress application, FlightCheck, makes it easy to pinpoint file problems. FlightCheck will notify you of these problems in a preflight report, which you can use to communicate with clients, teammates, and vendors.

Some layout details that FlightCheck can preflight include:
• bleed
• colors
• font size
• hairlines
• ink density
• spot colors
• image resolution
“FlightCheckFlightCheck can help you to improve printing jobs, by enabling you to achieve high quality results. You can check for print quality, get a report, and collect files for packaging, all with one app.

For more information on Markzware‘s pre press software to check digital files for print quality control, see the FlightCheck page. For more printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

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InDesign CC 2017 Prepress: Check InDesign Creative Cloud Print Quality

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