Sending layouts & graphics: File Delivery and the Preflight Workflow

This print workflow graphic caught the eye of Markzware, developer of preflight workflow solution, FlightCheck. It seems especially relevant for those sending page layouts, graphic design files and other prepress files from various sources:
Sending Page Layouts:
Printers’ file delivery in the preflight / print workflow

Prepress Print Workflow Customer and Service Provider Processes


In the current economic climate where marketing budgets have been slashed and margins are tight, making savings are key. This workflow enables the printer to completely automate the file delivery, preflight check, notification process and further expand the workflow into other areas.

Using an Enfocus Switch workflow, one can also easily and quickly integrate FlightCheck, which will support Adobe InDesign CS4 and QuarkXPress 8.

Want to set-up your own preflight workflow, which could also be used in automated workflows? Watch this video of FlightCheck in action:

Markzware FlightCheck, preflight solution in the automated preflight workflow

You can buy Markzware’s pre press software via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Sending layouts & graphics: File Delivery and the Preflight Workflow

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