Macintosh expert gives FlightCheck testimonial on Markzware‘s preflight solution to check files in prepress for print quality control: GARY J. K. HIRAM | Honolulu, Hawaii
“I started using Markzware FlightCheck Classic back in September 2001, and in that time have used it to preflight over 3,000 jobs at The comment I usually receive from my vendors is that my files are always “perfect” (one actually refers to them as plug and play!) On quick turnarounds I’ll call a vendor to give them a “heads up” and see if they foresee any potential snags and the usual response is “we’ve never had a problem with your files and don’t see why we’d have any now.”

I contribute much of this praise to Markzware and FlightCheck in particular. It is an AWESOME program. I love using it now and look forward to using future versions of FlightCheck! You’d laugh if you could see all my archived jobs with the eagle logo on their folders. This logo tells me at a glance that the contents are GOOD TO GO.


FlightCheck testimonial from Gary Hiram at