Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac Custom Views and Report Filters

Markzware‘s FlightCheck, preflight solution to check prepress files for print quality control, has Custom Views and Report Filters. These allow you to filter out items in the Overview Window‘s Color, Fonts and Images sections in which you may not be interested.

Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac Custom Views and Report Filters

Custom Views and Report Filters are related only to the Overview Window and pertain only to the areas for:

  • Color
  • Fonts
  • Images

Each of these areas has a popup menu that is built dynamically for each file that has been preflighted. The items listed in the popup menus allow you to filter out items you may not be interested in.

Selecting a filter in the popup menu changes what you see on screen and also changes what gets saved or printed when you create a report with the Overview Window as the front most Window. Following are screenshots that show how this works under the Color area:

Markzware FlightCheck Showing Used ColorsShowing Used Colors is the default condition and filter when you preflight a document.

Markzware FlightCheck Custom Views and Report Filters Popup MenuClicking on the popup menu shows you all of the filters available for the currently open job. This list is built dynamically every time you preflight a file and the contents depend on what was detected in the job.

Markzware FlightCheck Report Filters, Used Spot Color FilterHere, Spot Color has been selected as the filter. This spot color has not actually been used in the job, but is in the palette for the job. If a spot color has been used in a job then the you should see a filter named Used Spot Color.

Markzware FlightCheck Report Filters, Colors Used in Drop ShadowsIn the above image, colors are used in drop shadows in this InDesign document.

Here is a video that shows how FlightCheck can check digital files for printing quality:

For more information on Markzware’s pre press software to check print files for print quality, please see the FlightCheck page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) and printing solutions, please see the Markzware Products page.

Markzware FlightCheck 7.5 Mac Custom Views and Report Filters

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