Markzware Product License Activation and Firewalls or Proxy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Markzware product license activation and firewalls or proxy:

[Editor’s Note: Since the publishing of this article, Markzware has updated its product license system and now uses the new MarkzControl system for licensing.]
Markzware is using a License Control system from the folks over at Generally, if you can see that web site in your browser, then you should be able to install and activate Markzware products for conversion, preflight and content search. You only need the Internet connection for activation of Markzware products (or de-activation), and we do not “call home,” or anything like that, after we license a Markzware product.

This said, some firewalls or proxy settings cause issues with FlightCheck, PageZephyr Search or Q2ID activation. Here we read a great tip from a user of our ID2Q v5 XTension on getting the License Control to activate a Markzware product when a strict firewall is in place:

“I discovered that there is a much easier work around this rather than using the terminal command. Simply ensure that the user’s broadband router configuration has its firewall configuration set to allow HTTP/HTTPS applications.

I can now open Indesign documents in quark”
Source (with permission): Alistair Nimmo – Energy Communications – UK

Thought this was a good tip to share. If you have problems installing a Markzware product, please fill in a Markzware product Trouble Ticket. For more information on launching a Markzware tool through a firewall (when the above does not work) or through a proxy server, see these details:

1) Please have your IT group review the documentation located at (you can click on the LicenseControl link to view the sections). There may be info in the LicenseControl faq that will allow your IT group to address the issue.

2) You may be able to setup a second proxy server and then authenticate to that server and then have that server authenticate to your main proxy.

3) Activate Outside your Network: The LicenseControl technology we use does not need to constantly phone home via the internet. Once you activate LicenseControl, it will not need to access the internet again, unless you deactivate or check your License status. So, it is possible that you can temporarily move your computer outside the proxy/firewall, activate Q2ID and immediately bring it back inside the proxy/firewall. The downside to this is if you need to deactivate Q2ID for any reason, you will need to take the computer back outside the firewall/proxy to do this.

3b) *Use a simple USB cellular modem or a tethered cell phone to set up a temporary internet connection on the PC during activation and deactivation.

LicenseControl Help File
License Control Markzware Q2ID Menu Item
To find these instructions, please start up InDesign (if Q2ID) or QuarkXPress (if ID2Q). Go to the Markzware Q2ID menu (or ID2Q, etc., product menu) and select LicenseControl. This will bring up the LicenseControl application (this is a separate application from InDesign or QuarkXPress). Click on the Q2ID LicenseControl window (or of course, ID2Q, etc.) and you should see the menu items for LicenseControl at the top of your screen. Under the LicenseControl Help menu, select LicenseControl ReadMe. This will bring up the LicenseControl ReadMe file.

License Activation steps for Markzware Products should help you to start working as soon as possible with the product. Once you complete your Markzware License Activation, you should be able to use preflight solution, Markzware FlightCheck, and other quality solutions.

Markzware Product License Activation and Firewalls or Proxy FAQ

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