Markzware T-Shirt Sighting – Boston

Markzware is the inventor of FlightCheck, the patented preflight technology to check documents in many file formats for print quality control. A Markzware t-shirt is occasionally seen in passing. A graphic communications professional was seen walking down the nostalgic streets (near Portland St.) of Boston, Massachusetts, wearing his Markzware t-shirt. The shirt comments on why you should preflight. (Are you printing or still fixing bad PDF files?)!
Markzware T-Shirt Preflighting Are You Printing Or Still Fixing Bad PDF Files? (It's Patented)This Markzware t-shirt was worn by a graphic designer who likely uses FlightCheck to preflight. The shirt was spotted by Brian Regan of Semper International, producers of the PIA/GATF-supported Printalution exhibit and training facility within Second Life. (Second Life is a popular virtual world for Mac and Windows users, of which Markzware is a part. If you are a member of SL, which is free, you can visit SI and Markzware there.)

If you happen to sight a Markzware t-shirt, stay calm and email Markzware with a video or picture! You can use Markzware’s FlightCheck or File Recovery Service, so you can be printing, instead of still fixing bad files!

Want to get your own Markzware t-shirt? Come ask the “FlightCheck Kidd” avatar within SecondLife. You will get a FREE virtual t-shirt for wearing on your avatar in grid. If you email Markzware a t-shirt request with your first life shipping details, you can get a real Markzware t-shirt, as well!

Afraid of virtual worlds? Then feel free to stop by the office. Check us out in Second Life and remember to use Markzware FlightCheck to preflight for print quality of  document output. Avoid fixing bad PDF files.

You can buy Markzware’s preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Markzware T-Shirt Sighting in Boston

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