Middleton High School Yearbook Self Publishing

Self-publish your yearbook publishing project with Markzware FlightCheck. Use this preflighting solution for a thorough preflight process to avoid printing problems:

Robin Kourakis is a high school art teacher at Middleton High School in Middleton, Wisconsin. She is also the yearbook publishing advisor. For 9 years, she has been responsible for yearbook publishing of the school’s 280-page project. They self-publish the yearbook and print it. So, before Kourakis sends it to the printer, she uses Markzware FlightCheck. This preflighting solution makes sure that there are no surprise problems.

FlightCheck User, Robin Kourakis, educator/art teacher, Middleton High School yearbook, self-publishing

“Cannot self-publish without being technically correct and
FlightCheck helps to achieve the professionalism in reaching this goal.”
– Robin Kourakis, art educator/yearbook advisor/self-publisher,
Middleton High School

Working on yearbook publishing is quite an important task. You want to make sure that you capture all the memories throughout the year. Students look forward to this major, valuable book and expect to receive it on time, without delay, at the end of each school year. The preflight process should catch any problems that may creep up. So, they use Markzware’s preflighting solution. During the preflight process, FlightCheck ensures that their yearbook will turn out picture perfect.

Kourakis explains, “FlightCheck will find any issues between software and examine the files…  It helps us to be better prepared because we are able to see what we are working with. When we use FlightCheck, there aren’t any surprises that will put us behind in making sure our yearbook comes out on time… FlightCheck helps to achieve the professionalism in reaching this goal.”

Kourakis began her career as the school’s co-advisor of yearbook publishing in her second year of teaching. She loves this part of her job, because it is one of great fulfillment. “Working with the students in putting the entire year of memories into the yearbook is such fun. And I… enjoy being a part of the excitement of putting this book together with the students each year.”

Kourakis runs into printing problems that could create big printing problems for yearbook publishing. These include wrong image resolution, color profile, file format or missing fonts. The book is full of pictures, so these are printing problems that most need correction. “I love… to re-check a file once it’s been through… preflight … with Markzware FlightCheck … My students create layouts using Adobe InDesign. When they… have packaged their file through InDesign, I use FlightCheck… From there, I check everything technical that is possible, and the files go to our printer, who also uses FlightCheck.”

We asked Kourakis for her thoughts on the future of printing. Will they continue to create this memorable book or take it to the digital world? Kourakis expresses her thoughts, “I believe there will always be a market for hands on.  I know we have no interest in taking our beloved hard bound yearbook digital.”

Ah, school yearbook memories are important. So is using FlightCheck. Using Markzware’s preflight solution during the preflight process can save memories for yearbook publishing. See more desktop publishing (DTP) and printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Please share with us your story about preflighting. What are the most common printing problems that happen to you?

Middleton High School Yearbook Self Publishing

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