New Preflight Profiles for Adobe InDesign CS4

FlightCheck is synonymous with preflight. The VIGC has launched a set of 13 new “Live Preflight” profiles for the Adobe InDesign CS4. Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution is compatible with this Adobe page layout program. Here we read in part what they said:

“You have to deal with problems at the source. Trying to fix them after, which is the traditional process, does not only lead to loss of quality, but also loss of precious time. There are tools on the market to preflight native files from design applications, but these are tools that need to be bought separately. Consequently, they are not used on a broad scale. That is why it is so important that Adobe now has integrated this tool into its design application, InDesign CS4. Today, designers have no reasons not to check their files upfront unless it is to assemble the right profiles. VIGC is filling this important gap in the market with the launch of its 13 VIGC Live Preflight Profiles.” Essential parameters during design and layout phase with the Live Preflight in Adobe InDesign CS4 (an Adobe Design CS upgrade from CS3), you can check around thirty important parameters. Some of them are obvious, like the number of spot colors used and the resolution of images. “But some are very technical”, says Didier Haazen, senior consultant and PDF Expert at VIGC. “However, they are at least recommended, some others are even essential. Take the ‘transparency blending space’ for example. It is something that many people have never heard of. But if this is set the wrong way, RGB instead of CMYK, when you want to go to print, you will get all kinds of unwanted, strange effects where the transparency is being flattened during PDF file creation.

To see the profiles, visit:

CS4 has users all over the world, and Markzware FlightCheck is CS5, CS4 and CS3 compatible. So, you can preflight these prepress file formats, and many more, for print quality control before you output. FlightCheck does a thorough preflighting check, plus provides preflight reports. Ensure printing quality for your documents today with FlightCheck.

New Preflight Profiles for Adobe InDesign CS4

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