Collect Files, Check Files Easily with Markzware FlightCheck

Markzware FlightCheck user, Mike Meyers, owner, graphic designer, Origin Studios

“It is the only program that is simple to use
and that we have confidence in it working…
It has the ability of collecting complete files.”
– Mike Meyers, owner / graphic designer, Origin Studios

Mike Meyers, owner and graphic designer, Origin Studios, shared a personal, up front one-on-one about Markzware FlightCheck preflighting solution and the future of printing. Origin Studios is the one-stop provider of logo and graphic design services in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Meyers who studied fine arts and received a BA from the University of Utah took his career path of becoming an entrepreneur and opening up his own studio. We wanted to talk with Meyers about the topic of ‘preflighting‘ and get his take on what his issues are, along with what his solutions are when prepress problems arise during the print workflow.

Origin Studios receives files from a variety of sources that include Emailing, FTP, and mailing, and some of the most common prepress problems that occur when these files arrive consisting of missing fonts or color profiles that aren’t CMYK. One of the important steps that takes place at Origin Studios is to preflight all incoming files before they are sent out, to make sure they are correct and that there are not any missing files. So, it is important to collect files and check files. With his extensive background in the industry, Meyers has had to solve his share of missing files, missing fonts, and various prepress problems. Meyers said, “We are known in our industry for having perfect files.”

The big question we had for Meyers was regarding the deciding factor in choosing to use preflight solution, Markzware FlightCheck. This pre press software makes it easy to collect files from collectable file classes and to check files. Meyers response, “It is the only program that is simple to use and that we have confidence in it working.” Origin Studios only preflights native files and one of the biggest advantages of using FlightCheck according to Meyers is, “It has the ability of collecting complete files. In the past, before using FlightCheck, we manually did the collecting and checking, which was a royal pain.”

FlightCheck will even show the number of files and total uncompressed job size in the Job Info. It lets you choose to save files as compressed or uncompressed in the Destination Info. You can also choose your collect destination, all options easily accessible through the Collect Window.

In the midst of the ongoing quest for perfect files, one last curious question that Markzware had to ask was:  Where do you see the future of printing headed in the next 10 years? Meyers response, “It is here to stay, but do embrace the iPad for magazines and such.”

Yes, when you need to collect files and check files, you want to avoid missing files, missing fonts, and other prepress problems. So, don’t settle for less than perfect files. Markzware FlightCheck takes the pain out of collecting and checking files when your documents are ready to collect for output. Be sure to use this preflighting solution, not only to collect files and check files, but also to find missing fonts, and find missing files.

You can buy this preflight solution via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Please comment to describe your prepress problems, preflighting story and where you see the future of printing headed.  Share your thoughts!

Collect Files, Check Files Easily with Markzware FlightCheck

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