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The Package Feature In FlightCheck

FlightCheck® has a feature to collect all of the files related to the job to be output. This “Package” feature is a great way to gather all of your fonts and images for the job, in one convenient location.

“Huge efficiency and productivity saver! … When I finish working on a job, I package files for archival with confidence, knowing all the assets have been collected.”

– Amybeth Menendez, Certified Adobe Instructor / Adobe Layout / Design Expert, MacMillan Publishing,

How To Package Files For Archiving Or Online Publishing

• Select the “Package” button in the FlightCheck Toolbar, to open the Package Window. Decide whether you want the packaged job to be zipped or to be saved within a folder.

• Click the “Package” button at the bottom of the “Package” window and FlightCheck will collect and package all of the document’s elements into one folder, along with your selected Reports. You can send the packaged job to someone or place it in your archive.

• The Package feature is pre-set to include an HTML version of each of the three reports (Inventory Report, a Preflight Report, and a FlightCheck report), in the package. (See the “Report” area in FlightCheck, under Packaging.) You can change the FlightCheck Report Preferences or you can manually select or deselect specific reports to be added to the package, via the “Package” window.

FlightCheck will even compress the print job files, so you can easily collaborate with your workflow team members. It will collect the files for the job into a ZIP file, including the native file, fonts, images, PDF, IDML, page previews, preflight report, a “FlightCheck approved” icon, and other files associated with the job.

You can archive the packaged print job files, ensuring that you have all pieces of the job, so you’ll be able to edit it, in the future. When the collected job file is decompressed, there will be a folder that includes all used fonts, all used images, a preflight report, and the native file.

“I don’t have to worry about making sure everything is collected and ready to go to the printer, FlightCheck does that for me. FlightCheck saves me time and money and makes my work a lot easier.”

– Ronald Cuttright, Owner, To The Point Typesetting,

Package InDesign Documents

FlightCheck will collect any common file format. When this preflight application packages, for example, Adobe InDesign document jobs, the application will include an IDML with the packaged files.

Markzware’s Adobe InDesign file converter, IDMarkz, will open InDesign files in lower versions of InDesign, convert the files to IDML, or open them in Affinity Publisher. When you purchase FlightCheck, you automatically get IDMarkz (a 99 Dollar/Euro value) included, for free.

Other Markz line products include PDFMarkz (PDF to InDesign & More), QXPMarkz (QuarkXPress to InDesign & More), and OmniMarkz (InDesign, PDF, & QuarkXPress to Many Formats). Check out these applications on the Markzware Products page.

Package PDF Documents

FlightCheck includes Markzware’s InDesign converter, IDMarkz, for free; however, if you have a PDF, you can use PDFMarkz to create IDMLs, when you’re packaging in FlightCheck. So, if you have one of our other Markz line products, you can use them, in conjunction with FlightCheck, to convert your files or create IDMLs, for the job package.

Preflight Reports Included In The Package

FlightCheck can package three types of reports for you (and output them as HTML, JSON, RTF, or XML formats):

1. The Preflight Report contains the information shown in Preflight Mode View.

2. The Inventory Report is what you see in the Inventory Mode View.

3. The Packaging Report shows what was packaged with your job.

The “Package Detail” tells you what is in your packaged job and provides Document, Report, and Page Preview Summaries. After using FlightCheck‘s Package feature, the job is ready to be sent to other workflow members.

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Video: FlightCheck Package Feature – Overview

How To Package Print Files Fonts, Images, Previews, Reports for Uploading & Archiving With FlightCheck

This video tutorial shows how to package your
DTP page layouts, via the Package feature in Markzware’s FlightCheck.

Package Files, Images, Fonts, Previews & Reports For Output & Archives, With Markzware FlightCheck

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