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Page Layout

We all know what a page layout is in desktop publishing (DTP). Adobe InDesign layout, QuarkXPress layout, and so forth. Did you know there is also a powerful Page Layout feature within Markzware FlightCheck v6.90 for Macintosh for professional preflight operators?

Page Layout – FlightCheck

Hi, everybody. David Dilling from Markzware. Today’s quick tip is what is the Page Layout feature within FlightCheck. What is the Page Layout? We all know what “page layout” means. I have one here in an InDesign page layout. And FlightCheck will pre-flight InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and even PDFs, EPS type files.

Well, let’s just, for this example, to show you what the Page Layout feature is in FlightCheck, drop this InDesign file on FlightCheck. (FlightCheck eagle screeches) See, FlightCheck very quickly gives us the results and the main layout, where you can see all the problems, but where, specifically, are these problems, if these images are missing or stored? And stored is a problem, because that means, as you see in one of our other videos, the files have been Copy-and-Pasted, or drag-and-dropped, from the internet into the InDesign file. Very, very bad for many reasons.

The Page Layout feature is up here in the FlightCheck FlightStrip, as we call it, and if you click on that, and let’s move these out of the way to give you a nice, clean slate. If you click the Page Layout, you’ll see we get a nice overview of the file and, if it was multiple-page, page by page, which is extremely useful. And here we can see the Stored files, not only which page, but exactly where they are. And, so, when I click Launch Document, we’re now automatically, and InDesign CS6 is opening for us and will take us right to this page, so we can address the issue.

Page Layout Feature in Markzware FlightCheckPage Layout Preflight Feature in FlightCheck

So, the Page Layout is extremely useful from Markzware. It will not only pinpoint where the problems are, but they’ll help you get directly into the native application to fix preflight problem. Okay. Now, we’re right in and we get right to work on fixing this problem. So, FlightCheck is very useful to help you get into the page where the problem is, so you can address that problem. Now, you know from seeing, on the problems layout, here, exactly which issue it is, and we can now get in there and get to work on that image. It’s missing. We have to find that, and then we’re in business.

Here, we’ll check a multiple-page file, just to show you (FlightCheck eagle screeches) a view of the page layout. You can then go, page by page, and, here, we see the problem. the PDF2DTP logo is using transparency, perhaps we want to use a logo that doesn’t use transparency. So, we can go in there and swap it out. We hit Launch Document. Page 3 of 3, and you see we come right into page 3 of 3, and here is right to the PDF2DTP logo that we can go in and swap out, if we needed to.

And just to show you, here, I have an Illustrator file. I can drop that .ai file on the FlightCheck and pre-flight it. I can also package it, with all fonts and images included, very useful. (FlightCheck eagle screeches.) You get the full information. You know, what I’m most interested in, here, is: where are my problems in this file? So, I can use the, once again, the Page Layout and I can see my problem. Well, there’s my problem. I have one misplaced JPEG file. We click Launch Document and now we go right into Adobe Illustrator. We can go right in and adjust this file.

That’s Markzware’s Page Layout, where you can quickly and easily get into your files pre-flight them, find out where the problem exactly is, and go right into the native application to fix the file, very handy and today’s quick tip of the day, Markzware’s FlightCheck version 6.90 for Macintosh. If you’d like more information on FlightCheck, cruise on over. Go to today, where you can see all of our products, where you can learn more information on FlightCheck, under our Products section, and choose FlightCheck. Thank you. David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!

Page Layout Preflight for your Page Layout!

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