Patrick in action, negotiating a deal – video

Markzware develops preflight solution, FlightCheck. Patrick Marchese, co-founder and CEO of Markzware, is seen in the video below. Here, he works out a deal with the artists outside of Xunantunich (Cayo District) in Belizé. Some of the most impressive Mayan ruins in the country are in Xunantunich, as you can see in this video. Also note the impressive slate artwork carvings:

Patrick Marchese, CEO of Markzware, on one of the Markzware Adventures

Patrick Marchese provides leadership to Markzware, which holds the patent for FlightCheck. This preflighting software can check documents for potential printing problems before document output. FlightCheck helps to find errors during the preflighting stage of prepress, before you print, for print quality control. Use FlightCheck for preflighting to ensure printing quality.

Patrick in action, negotiating a deal (video)

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