PDF Preflight Problems, Native file preflight; preflighting article

Markzware saw this “Top Ten Articles on Digital-Engineer.net” article, which had a very interesting piece in its top ten list:

7. Preflighters around the world: This is you

If we click on that preflight article above, we see it is about a preflighting survey. (As Tele2002 accurately said in the first comment, that is more “postflight“, but anyway.). It is the last comment which I also wanted to share, for it brings home the importance of prepress education;

Marco Kramer |
Yes I suppose so! I didn’t know about Prepressure and have bookmarked it. Looks like I’ve got me some reading to do! Great info about JDF as well.

The boys from Markzware also wrote about this topic: PDF Preflight Problems; same as fifteen years ago -Enfocus survey results

Source: http://www.digital-engineer.net/archive/entry/preflighters-around-the-world-this-is-you/#comment-12

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PDF Preflight Problems, Native file preflight; preflighting article

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