FlightCheck PDF Prepress: Markzware Preflighting Review

Henno Jacques, a freelance graphic designer in Holland, gives his Markzware Products review to Markzware Europe’s Arnold Roosch on why to use FlightCheck for preflighting during prepress:

FlightCheck User Review (Markzware Preflighting Review)

Graphic designer gives his review of Markzware FlightCheck, preflighting for PDF Prepress 
(Video also available in Dutch)

Preflighting everything with FlightCheck in prepress before making the PDF, as he does, is excellent. The resulting PDF/X document is checked with FlightCheck, as well. Creating brochures, booklets and the likes, he also has seen from experience that sending both the press-ready PDF as well as the open source file (where he uses FlightCheck to collect all fonts and images into one approved folder during preflighting) is the best way to get the print-job to the printer. This way, if there are any last-minute changes, corrections or press problems, they can quickly and safely make the adjustments and re-output the PDF job.
This FlightCheck user prefers QuarkXPress 7, even though he has CS3 and InDesign. He even goes so far that, if Adobe InDesign files come in, he converts them with ID2Q into QuarkXPress. Now that is interesting! You can buy FlightCheck for prepress via the FlightCheck page. More printing solutions are available on the Markzware Products page.

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FlightCheck PDF Prepress: Markzware Preflighting Review