Pre-flighting To Ensure Error-Free Print Output

Markzware invented FlightCheck, patented pre-flight technology to check documents and ensure print quality control. FlightCheck is the standard preflight solution to check printing quality of print output. With all the various media available to today’s content creator, communicating with large groups has become a complex proposition. You practically have to scream to get people’s attention, especially when preparing print files for document output.

The printed word is still the most reliable format for reaching potential audiences. Just a few years ago, page layout was created with paper strips of text. These strips were pasted up on art boards, using either wax or rubber cement. This was know as ‘cold type.’ To ensure that documents print properly, preflighting is a must.

It took until the early 1990s for most organizations to come to rely on page layout applications. Computer programs now allow graphic designers the freedom to create designs as varied as one’s imagination. This may lead to the use of several file formats. FlightCheck can preflight many file formats.

Once created, the electronic document is subject to individual quirks inherent to its particular software application. For instance, you cannot do four color separation work using Microsoft Word.
Markzware FlightCheck Results Window Showing Results ErrorThe ability to create eye-catching flyers and newsletters has been greatly enhanced in recent years by page layout programs, such as QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. These programs have helped streamline the graphic design and production process. This process requires acquiring materials, designing the piece, and checking the integrity of digital files before final print.

That is where pre-flighting for print quality control is involved. FlightCheck is ideal for preflighting these formats for error-free print output. It is designed to analyze desktop publishing (DTP) files and flag any potential printing problems before output. FlightCheck can preflight Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and many other file formats.

Preflighting is critical on a number of levels. It can help avoid costly mistakes, such as missing or stylized fonts, low-resolution graphics, missing files and type that is not included in graphic items. Improperly prepared files account for the majority of pre-press problems today. Clean files are necessary for both digital printing and computer-to-plate (CTP) printing.

Preflighting utility programs should be used to check designs for print output created within DTP applications. With page layout software, a systematic check of files before vendor or in-house printing is the best way to ensure error-free output of print business cards, etc. Use FlightCheck for preflighting to ensure quality print results. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Pre-flighting To Ensure Error-Free Print Output

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