Preflight Adobe InDesign for Print Quality Control: Prepress with FlightCheck

Markzware invented FlightCheck, the preflight solution to check print quality before printing. FlightCheck scans documents thoroughly to catch printing errors during prepress before output. Markzware develops this preflight solution for the prepress and printing industry, including graphic designers, marketers, advertisers, publishers, printers, and other professionals who use prepress solutions. These various businesses share similar prepress challenges.

Printing businesses creating colorful marketing pieces with the latest technology may command higher prices for their products. To produce this type of high-quality document, smart businesses will want to use FlightCheck, since it can help avoid color printing problems and an entire list of other printing problems for documents created in a number of file types. FlightCheck can preflight Adobe InDesign, Acrobat PDF, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher and many other file formats.

Preflight Adobe InDesign during Prepress: Use FlightCheck for Print Quality Control

Preflight Solution – Markzware FlightCheck can preflight Adobe InDesign and other documents for
print quality control in PDF or non-PDF workflows

The prepress department may handle graphic design, desktop publishing (DTP), web-to-print, and more. Time, materials and labor can be costly, so it is important to save on printing to help balance the budget against the other costs involved in printing production. FlightCheck helps avoid printing problems by checking documents to ensure printing quality before printing, thereby saving on printing costs.

As the use of graphic design technology grows, more files are created by customers. Many commercial printers receive customer-created files that require prepress work before printing properly.  It is easier for prepress to prepare a print-ready file than to have to redesign it. Some printers train customers on how to create and submit a file, often favoring PDF. FlightCheck can preflight InDesign documents for PDF and non-PDF workflows.
Preflight Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud File Formats with Markzware FlightCheck
Prepress professionals can ensure print quality control for their documents by using FlightCheck preflight software by Markzware to preflight Adobe InDesign, PDF files and more for quality print output. FlightCheck warns you of potential printing problems before it’s too late. Try the free FlightCheck demo and see how FlightCheck can provide print quality control for your prepress process. FlightCheck is available online from Markzware at the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Preflight Adobe InDesign for Print Quality Control: Prepress with FlightCheck

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