Preflight InDesign Files for Print via Markzware FlightCheck

Creative professionals and printers can, and should, preflight InDesign files with Markzware FlightCheck to preflight print documents before they print. This pre-press software provides simple, effective preflighting that enhances tasks performed in the desktop publishing or print workflow:

Preflight InDesign Files
While demand for graphic design grows, creative professionals continue to use page layout applications, such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and Acrobat to create artwork. To avoid disappointment over undesired print results, preflighting is recommended for print quality control to avoid printing problems and to ensure print ready documents.

Long-time developer, Markzware offers printing solutions, including FlightCheck, the patented preflight solution to help creative professionals to ensure their INDD, PDF, and other files can print, problem free. Markzware FlightCheck can preflight InDesign, and check Adobe DTP file types, including Photoshop, Acrobat, and Illustrator layout applications for graphic designers. Preflight solution, FlightCheck can also check print files created in QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, EPS, TIFF, and many other native files. Here is a video that shows you how to preflight InDesign and other DTP files types for graphic arts:

How to Preflight InDesign Files, Check Adobe and Other Files for Printing Quality

Markzware FlightCheck can preflight InDesign CS6 and collect files to
package InDesign, package Illustrator, package fonts, etc., for sharing

Markzware FlightCheck is the intelligent choice for printers who need to preflight Adobe and other DTP documents. Production managers can customize Ground Control sets to preflight InDesign files based on unique specifications to solve misprints and flawed document output. Graphic designers who use this pre press software can sigh with relief, knowing that the folder going to the printer will contain a print-ready document.

Get InDesign Files Ready for Print
Graphic software users preparing print files can use Markzware FlightCheck to scan documents for a list of technical issues that may affect the finished print product. Users can set up criteria for preflighting, so that FlightCheck will identify the specified errors, allowing corrections to be made before the document goes to print. This preflight solution can check Adobe and other native files for missing fonts, low resolution images, RGB, bleed, spot colors, transparency, PDF, ink density, etc. Markzware FlightCheck can be used throughout the prepress process and will provide a detailed preflight report, which can be used for certification, as proof of preflighting.

Preflighting Option to Delete Preferences
Delete Preferences

Preflight InDesign Files for Print
Since Markzware FlightCheck can collect files to package InDesign and these other file types into one folder, it is that much easier for print team members to share and sync files, fonts, settings, etc. When production speed and volume are a priority, Markzware FlightCheck is a reliable application that provides exceptionally thorough preflighting to check Adobe and such files for printing quality. This pre-press software also streamlines the prepress process, since multiple INDD or other print files can be checked in one preflighting session. FlightCheck quickly detects potential printing problems, reducing delays and document output issues.

You can purchase this preflight solution for print quality control via the FlightCheck page. See more desktop publishing software and printing solutions for DTP and print workflows on the Markzware Products page.

How has the FlightCheck preflight solution helped your DTP or print workflow to preflight InDesign files or other file types? Comment below to give your input. Also, feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and interact with Markzware on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.

Preflight InDesign files for print with Markzware FlightCheck!

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