Preflight Prepress tips for graphic designers preparing print

Top Preflight Prepress Tip: Use Markzware FlightCheck preflighting software with built-in prepress check list for print quality control.

Great help (Adobe InDesign Live Preflight) but it doesn’t beat
a professional application like
FlightCheck.”– David Airey

David Airey, a brand identity graphic designer, has a great article for helping creatives preparing print to get their print-work right and print-ready for the print shop. In this detailed guide titled, “Prepress tips for graphic designers” he also covers Markzware FlightCheck’s preflighting, which we highlight below for your enlightenment or to share with others creating print-work and preparing for print in your workflow:

Prepress tips for graphic designers

14. Preflight the artwork

Preflighting the artwork before sending to the print shop is a must. If you have done all the things mentioned above, you have manually preflighted a great deal of what is needed. Using a preflight program like FlightCheck from Markzware or similar will help further. It’s most annoying to discover just before you deliver your work that it’s not in line with necessary printing standards. If you don’t have a program like FlightCheck you can go far by using the built in document info and preflights.

In Illustrator you have Document Info. Turn off the default Selection Only and browse through the items in the list, one by one to see what’s inside your file.

InDesign has a preflight feature. In CS4 it has been moved over to Window > Output > Preflight. There you can see an overview of the document, check fonts, links etc. Also, in CS4 you can see the red or green dots at the bottom of the window that indicates various errors you may have in your file. Great help but it doesn’t beat a professional application like FlightCheck.”

To get Adobe CS4 – CS5 compatible Markzware FlightCheck for your desktop, you can buy via the FlightCheck page to get professional preflighting for quality control that goes beyond Adobe CS4 Preflight. (Here is a chart of Prepress tips for graphic designers on where and how to preflight for print-ready files.) You can also watch video demonstrations, such as this one, about preparing for print by preflighting print-work:

Preflight Prepress tips for graphic designers preparing print

Ensure that your InDesign CS5 and other files are print-ready for the print shop.

FlightCheck preflighting solution supports Adobe CS5, Adobe CS4, Illustrator, Acrobat PDF, Photoshop, and many more file formats. Stay tuned to the Markzware website for InDesign tips and more.

Preflight Prepress tips for graphic designers preparing print

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