Preflight then Quality Check

An Adobe InDesign Live Preflight issue was mentioned in an interesting post about prepress. This also brings up a good point about preflighting, regarding doing preflight, then a print quality check:

“Every linked file with a forward or backward slash won’t get collected and will even crash InDesign. I know… I know… you never use slashes in a file-name, right? Well, neither do I. But that actually makes it even more dangerous, because it’s not something I’m thinking about when I’m creating artwork and I always receive a lot of files from third parties.” Source

The point is: you can better check documents with a stand-alone tool, such as FlightCheck software by Markzware for preflighting documents for print quality control during prepress. The advantage is that, as  a stand-alone preflight solution, FlightCheck can check images and native files, without the need to open InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
Markzware FlightCheck Preflighting IllustratorHere is a movie on using FlightCheck for preflighting files in prepress:

Preflight Checking a batch of Images with FlightCheck

Preflight files to catch potential printing problems during prepress, before you print. Use Markzware’s pre press software, available via the FlightCheck page.

Preflight then Quality Check

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