Preflight Report: FlightCheck Proof of Preflight Solution

Preflight Report: FlightCheck Proof of Preflight Solution

Preflight Report as Proof of Preflight
Proof of preflight can be provided by a preflight report. FlightCheck, the patented preflighting technology invented by Markzware, can provide the preflight report. FlightCheck is the standard preflight solution. This proofing tool can check documents in several file formats. It also warns of potential printing problems before document output.

Markzware FlightCheck can generate a preflight report, which is a useful document when proof of preflight is required. The document elements are considered and rules can be customized to ensure thorough preflighting of your document. You can customize FlightCheck’s Ground Controls when proofing in both PDF and non-PDF prepress workflows.

Preflight Report: FlightCheck Proof of Preflight Solution

Need proof of preflight? Markzware’s preflight solution provides a preflight report.

This capability provides print quality assurance during prepress for FlightCheck users, especially if proof of preflight is required. When the preflight report confirms that the document is clean, it is reassuring to know that the job is safe to accept.

Markzware FlightCheck Results Window with Results WarningFlightCheck Results Window with Results Warning

Proof of preflight is a good idea. Remember to preflight with FlightCheck by Markzware, the preflight solution to check PDF files and more file formats for print quality control. Markzware holds US Patent # 5,963,641 for preflight and is the developer of prepress tools and workflow solutions, including FlightCheck print quality control software. A preflight report can verify that documents are print-ready.
Proof is in the Preflight with Markzware FlightCheckMarkzware FlightCheck provides proof of preflight in the form of a preflight report, while saving time and money. Get print quality assurance today by purchasing FlightCheck online at the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Preflight Report: FlightCheck Proof of Preflight Solution

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