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Markzware’s FlightCheck® macOS is a stand-alone preflight application to inspect potential problems in documents and report on any issues you have flagged as important. FlightCheck presents a log of file errors that preflighters use to edit or correct file problems, before they become critical and expensive to the print workflow. FlightCheck employs a Reports feature that helps communicate these potential job-stopping problems throughout the workflow.

Why Use Preflight Reports?

FlightCheck provides prepress operators with clear alerts, based on the selected Ground Controls (preflight profiles), useful for identifying errors that could result in re-printing the entire job. The application allows users to select warnings or errors of the elements, within the document for FlightCheck to check and report on, such as missing fonts, images, and colors.

Users are empowered with the capability to generate and then share the FlightCheck Preflight Report, to communicate information about how the job performs, based on the document output specifications. The report shows and warns of possible errors, allowing corrections to be made. This helps to get everyone in the workflow, literally on the same page. The FlightCheck Report includes the date and time it was generated, which confirms the completion of preflighting tasks and verifies the level of print readiness.

FlightCheck is a prepress tool that offers insights into the print quality of the document. The software gives the prepress team a clear, visual preflight report, ultimately resulting in a higher level of document print quality control within the workflow.

When using FlightCheck, the objective is to correct all errors provided in the report, so that no alerts are generated. This gives the team confidence and the assurance that documents are print ready.

FlightCheck supports users in improving their productivity. This is because it accommodates common document workflows, such as PDF, Page Layout, Vector, Graphic, and Image.

Unfortunately, oftentimes, without Markzware’s FlightCheck, prepress professionals manually create and organize the report categories, flagged items, top-level document, and its associated elements, from scratch. This workflow introduces a human element, which might result in errors.

… I include a … screen capture of the FlightCheck report, to show which font is missing … and send it to them. And then, they can exactly know what to replace.

Terry Wright, Owner/Principal at Book Lotus Productions + Production Director at Workbook Creative (workbookcreative.com)

Find Errors & View Details In A Preflight
Report, Without the Source Application

FlightCheck provides an error summary, to notify print production team members of quality issues. This document-checking program finds potential errors in several print areas and provides the details in a preflight report. 

FlightCheck notifies users of potential errors, their location, print category details, and other data. It will, then, direct the user to the flagged document elements, for repair.

FlightCheck evaluates document details for print integrity, reports on possible issues, and packages the print job’s files for uploading or sharing. FlightCheck reports on document details and file errors, including:
• Incorrect Image Resolution
• Unsupported Pantone Colors
• Incorrect or Missing Bleed
• Type 1 Fonts
• File Size Is > xMB
• Incorrect Page Size
• And more!

Get Inventory Reports On Your Document

Within FlightCheck‘s Inventory Mode is the Inspector area, which gives an overview of the job, with details on file type, document version, and last modification date. This Inspector area gives you an at-a-glance visual of several handy widgets that contain information about: File Info, Page Info, Font Info, Color Info, Image Info, Print Info, Pages Data, Colors Data, Fonts Data, and Images Data.

You can easily see the number of pages and spreads, whether there are missing or inactive used fonts, or any missing or embedded images. Additionally, you can get detailed file, page and print information about the document contents. Users can view all linked and embedded images of the job, along with details on type, color mode, resolution, pages, and fonts.

… works seamlessly on newest versions of Mac OS. Nice new intuitive user interface, and FlightCheck Score is a bonus … powerful tool — for print and digital environments alike.

– Bryan Keever, Owner & Creative Director, Hobo Pigeon Studio, hobopigeonstudio.com

Customize Preflight Reports

FlightCheck returns results, based on your chosen Ground Controls (preflight profiles) and provides detailed, custom preflight reporting, with alerts and warnings. The report can be customized with contact information, for sharing with the document provider or with other workflow members.

You can even become a Markzware Affiliate and earn commissions. Those who become a Markzware Affiliate can brand the report, to include their corporate identity and logo on reports for their clients.

The screen display changes format, when switching from Inventory Mode to Preflight Mode. When using either mode, clicking the Report icon will generate a report, based on the document displayed onscreen, and looks very close to what is displayed in the Report area of the app.

How To Customize A FlightCheck Preflight Report:

• Click on the FlightCheck menu > Preferences > Report.

• Under Contact Information, enter the details about your company to brand your Report.

Export Preflight Reports In Multiple Formats

You can export the Preflight Report. FlightCheck gives you a wide selection of formats to use (HTML, JSON, RTF, TXT, or XML formats), that will integrate directly into print production workflows. You can also use Automation features, to help build a new workflow.

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Preflight Reports: Set Up & Customize In FlightCheck Document Analyzer

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Video: FlightCheck Preflight Reports – Overview video

How To Create Preflight Reports - FlightCheck Feature: Creating Reports (Tutorial Video)

In this tutorial, Markzware shows you how to set up and produce customizable
FlightCheck preflight reports, which can be included in the collected print job package.

Preflight Reports: Set Up & Customize In FlightCheck Document Analyzer

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