Preflight Solution to Check Adobe InDesign: Markzware FlightCheck

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Preflight Solution to Check Adobe InDesign
Markzware FlightCheck is a user-friendly preflight solution to check Adobe InDesign and other desktop publishing (DTP) documents, including multiple INDD native files. Here is a video to show you how to preflight InDesign files for Adobe Creative Suite print workflows, using this thorough preflight solution:

How to Check Adobe InDesign with Preflight Solution, Markzware FlightCheck

FlightCheck, pre-press software can scan and collect files to package fonts and
package InDesign CS6 for Adobe Creative Suite

Some power Twitter users are graphic designers and creative professionals who use FlightCheck, Markzware‘s pre-press software that helps users to quickly locate printing problems by preflighting during prepress. FlightCheck can check Adobe InDesign CS6 in INDD documents for printing quality, which can save materials and avoid additional print runs.

This preflight solution can find potential page layout and printing problems, such as low image resolution, missing fonts, and much more, before you print. Print quality control with Markzware FlightCheck can help you to save money, by allowing you to correct these potential printing problems, when you preflight InDesign before press time.

Preflight Solution to Check Adobe InDesign in Multiple Files

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