Preflight Solution Warns of File Problems before You Print

Preflight Solution Warns of File Problems before You Print

Markzware’s preflight solution, FlightCheck, warns you of file problems before you print:

Print businesses face the challenges of assuring print quality, amidst a busy production schedule. Graphic Design can perform valuable checks for print quality control, during prepress.

Incoming files with errors are quite common in prepress. How can printers optimize print quality in a desktop publishing (DTP) workflow? Is there a cost-saving way to ensure print quality for your prepress documents?

Preflighting can help users to eliminate time-wasting print file problems. Markzware’s patented pre press software, FlightCheck, is a stand-alone application that stands out.

You can optimize your print quality control process, by preflighting with FlightCheck. This preflight solution can help you to make sure that a PDF or non-PDF prepress file is a print-ready document. It can alert you to potential printing problems, so you can prevent them.

FlightCheck Ground Controls to Detect Document Errors:
Markzware FlightCheck 7 Mac Ground Control condition Detected and Ground Control
You can customize this feature-rich preflight application for your customer-specific print workflow. FlightCheck analyzes preflight checkpoints in a print document and can also display an error report.

FlightCheck allows you to remove manual preflight checkpoints from your print workflow. FlightCheck can even tell you the version of the file type that it preflights.

Graphic designers can perform document checks and package files for project collaboration. Markzware‘ s FlightCheck offers comprehensive preflighting to help you achieve excellence in print production.

FlightCheck can check many file types, including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat for Adobe Creative Cloud. It can check many items within these documents, including:
• trapping.
• colors.
• transparencies.
• ink density.
• and much more.

Markzware FlightCheck logo
FlightCheck is a print workflow solution that is easy to use, to get file problem warnings before press time. After you install and activate FlightCheck, customize the Preferences and Ground Controls for your workflow. Drag and drop your file onto the FlightCheck icon and get alerts to printing problems in your document.

Without preflighting, your company could incur additional costs from having to correct file problems. You can save your company that time and money, by using FlightCheck during prepress! Watch this video demonstration of preflighting with FlightCheck:

Preflight Solution Warns of
File Problems before You Print

FlightCheck can preflight InDesign CC and other file types for printing quality.

Markzware FlightCheck supports multiple languages, including:

  • English.
  • German.
  • Dutch.
  • French.
  • Spanish.

Buy FlightCheck
Set up a print workflow with software that can help you to achieve print document success. You can buy this preflight solution, via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions for DTP, on the Markzware Products page.

Does this preflight solution help to warn you of file problems before you print? Please comment below. You can subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and interact with Markzware on
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Preflight Solution Warns of File Problems before You Print

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