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Duke Prepress” asks over on the PrintPlanet forum, “Does anyone still preflight jobs if so what programs are you using“? You can use Markzware‘s preflight software, FlightCheck, for preflighting native files in prepress for print quality control. Here are some of the answers:

Matt Beals” chimed in saying, in part: “Yes, there is still a lot of preflighting going on. Two basic methods; native file preflight and PDF preflight. For preflighting native files, the only really functional, and meaningful, preflight comes from FlightCheck…. There are others, but Markzware, Callas and Enfocus are the three real major players, if you look at the installation base. Preflight is like an onion, it’s got layers…

To see all of the comments or to add your own to this discussion on prepress, you can read the full post here:

Do you preflight Adobe Acrobat PDF files? Use Markzware’s FlightCheck preflighting software to check print quality before document output.

Preflighting Native Files in Prepress – Preflight Software

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