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FlightCheck, preflight technology by Markzware, can check documents in many file formats for print quality control. If you are pondering when you should preflight during the publishing or print workflow, the subject of return on investment may arise. Here are some ROI points for preflighting PDF and more:

Workflow and job type may determine the need for preflighting. Many printers and publishers prefer to preflight at an early stage, during prepress, in the printing workflow. Many also require designers or authors to check documents for errors before acceptance. It is best to avoid as many surprises as possible, since all types of files can be submitted by graphic designers of various skill levels. FlightCheck can scan files in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, Acrobat PDF and more, to catch printing problems before you print.

Preflight Technology in PDF Printing Workflow for Publishing (FlightCheck)

PDF Printing Workflow for Publishing with Preflight Technology, FlightCheck

PDF creation is usually handled by the Production Department, after Layout added images, after Editorial added text, after Design or outside sources created artwork and images. Preflighting before converting to a PDF saves a lot of money on corrections and print runs. FlightCheck, the standard in preflight technology, has Ground Controls for customizing both PDF and non-PDF print jobs.
If you leave preflight until PDF creation at the end and then postflighting it, you are taking a great chance of major delays. What happens when the artwork on page 13 is not correct? FlightCheck would save delays, such as having to contact the Design Department for a re-do or changes caused by a number of printing problems.

Customize Preflighting with Ground Controls in FlightCheck
Use customizable Ground Controls when preflighting during prepress with Markzware FlightCheck

Book publishers, for example, can have very complex workflows for various document formats and types. Each chapter may be done by a different author. Images may be adapted or outsourced. A single book may include Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher and PDF files. FlightCheck handles these file types and many more.

The need for preflight is evident at many stages within a publishing or printing workflow. So, please be sure to preflight early during prepress with FlightCheck, the preflight technology to avoid printing problems and ensure that documents print properly. For more printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

Preflight Technology in PDF Printing Workflow for Publishing – FlightCheck