Preflight vs Postflight: Verify Document Quality for Both via FlightCheck

Preflight vs Postflight:
Verify Document Quality for Both via FlightCheck

Pre-press professionals and print document publishers know how important it is to preflight documents, to eliminate issues, prior to sharing a document. Markzware noticed a “Preflighting or Postflighting” article by Karsten Risseeuw at Kursiv. Here, Markzware provides the gist of that article:

What Is A Preflight?

What does “preflight” mean? Document production workflows want to avoid and fix printing problems in the print job document, during prepress, before the document is output. With a preflight process, the document can be checked, to help ensure optimum quality of the document produced.

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Preflighting the original document is easier and preferred over postflighting, since a preflight solution can allow correction of the native document, before creating a PDF for print. So, basically, a preflight is a document check before printing the document.

Preflight Solutions

Preflight solutions are designed to find document issues prior to output for graphic design, print, or publishing. FlightCheck is the stand-alone application to preview, analyze, report on, and package PDF and desktop publishing documents. You can use this Markzware software product, during pre-flight and post-flight stages of the document-production workflow.

Note: Why edit a PDF file, when a new file can be created in a preferred desktop publishing format, by using Markzware’s stand-alone PDFMarkz application? PDFMarkz will convert a PDF document to an IDML document, which you can open in popular layout applications. The newly-converted PDF content can be edited within Adobe InDesign (and other formats), so that errors can be revised. After corrections, a new design version can be produced.

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Making Document Revisions

Why preflight? Design files must adhere to document specs and preflight solutions can help to check documents, to ensure that specs are met. Design documents and file formats vary and errors can easily occur. Issues that escape detection can have costly results.

Document producers can revise content, to eradicate document errors, prior to outputting the document as a PDF or other desktop publishing file format. Mistakes can be amended within the layout application in which the document was created. After the mistakes have been remedied, the print job files can be packaged for output.

What Is A Postflight?

What does “postflight” mean? For a postflight, the document is corrected in the pre-press phase, after output, in the output format (typically PDF), while the source document is preserved. A postflight solution can confirm print-readiness of PDF documents.

The document is verified in its final format, which is often used as a basis for proofs, plate-setting, or digital printing. It is output control, as the output document is checked against specs required to continue to the next document production workflow stage (printing, publishing, distribution, etc.). This helps to eliminate the need for further adjustments in the next version of the document.

Preflight & Postflight

Markzware FlightCheck offers both preflighting and postflighting and can check both native files and PDF files. This trusted application can check documents, throughout workflows that output PDF & other desktop publishing files.

Document quality assurance is implemented to avoid document production issues. Professionals that catch document mistakes sooner in the workflow can better manage production of their documents. Naturally, Markzware recommends standard best practices to verify documents.

Preflight and postflight processes are especially critical for document submission, switching, and sharing. These processes can help to verify quality, not only of the documents being checked, but also to verify dependability of prepress and output procedures. Note: To read the full “Preflighting or Postflighting” article by Karsten Risseeuw at Kursiv, click here.

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PDF & DTP Applications For Document Producers

FlightCheck can find and display various file types that it finds, as well as fonts, colors, images, and more. Markzware’s preflight software will preview, preflight, report on, and package desktop publishing files, including fonts, images, colors, and other document elements. Markzware also offers trusted software for document producers and other file creators to export and convert PDF files to other desktop publishing document formats.

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Preflight vs Postflight: Verify Document Quality for Both via FlightCheck

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