Preflighting Color Graphics and InDesign Layouts; Moore’s Law in Prepress

FlightCheck, patented preflighting technology from Markzware, can preflight documents with color graphics and InDesign layouts. FlightCheck scans page layouts in many graphic design file types to avoid printing problems. Thus, you can save time, money, labor and reprints, when you preflight Adobe INDD files.

FlightCheck developer, Markzware, saw this piece on Moore’s Law, prepress, and pre-media:

“These components of pre-media all have their place of importance and need to be correctly executed and managed whilst considering the hardware they need. I showed in the last post how the effect of Moore’s Law played a part in the productivity of a pre-media department, but increasing your companies hardware performance doesn’t not equal faster throughput without addressing the pre-media operation as a whole, just like having the fastest formula one car doesn’t automatically qualify you as the winner of the race.”

Preflighting color graphics and InDesign layouts in prepress, with FlightCheck

Moore’s Law in Prepress – Oh so true! And let’s not forget about Murphy’s Law. For that, you surely need FlightCheck to preflight color graphics and InDesign layouts. Check your pre-media documents for print quality control. See printing solutions and more on the Markzware Products page.

Preflighting Color Graphics and InDesign Layouts; Moore’s Law in Prepress

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