Preflighting Saves Trees!

Preflighting Saves Trees!

Celebrate Earth Day with Us!

Being green and being frugal often go hand in hand.

In the first three months of 2018, FlightCheck users have preflighted 541,320 print jobs. That means FlightCheck was able to prevent enough bad print jobs to help users to save an estimated 360 trees and hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The Math:

  • 541,320 jobs preflighted
  • 1% on average would result in a bad print job
  • 1,000 pages per print job on average
  • Equates to 5,413,200 pages saved
  • 15,000 pages from the average tree

Equates to 360 trees saved!

Thank you for doing your part.

"FlightCheck is an indispensable program to check all types of files before sending them to print. While some programs have built-in preflight, none surpasses the options and power of FlightCheck."

- David Creamer,

Published on: April 16, 2018
Eddie Aguirre

Business Systems Manager at Markzware

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