Preflighting Solution for Printing and Publishing Quality Control: Markzware on Computer America

The longest-running, nationally-syndicated radio talk show about computers is “Computer America” with Craig Crossman, hosted by Carey Holzman, author, instructor and experienced computer technician.

Markzware, the leading developer of print quality control solutions, including FlightCheck, the  preflighting solution for the graphic arts, publishing and printing industries, has been featured on Computer America. Markzware products were discussed, as well as needs they fulfill for the graphic arts, printing and publishing communities.

“Computer America has allowed Markzware the opportunity to transform the value we deliver to the graphic art, printing and publishing industries and make our technology more accessible for both new and existing audiences over the airwaves,” said Mary Gay Marchese, public relations director for Markzware.

Markzware is the long-established, highly recognized and utilized name in preflighting. The company’s flagship product, FlightCheck, is the industry standard as the thorough preflighting solution used by prepress managers, publishers, and graphic designers worldwide. FlightCheck is the patented preflighting solution to check documents for print quality control before printing. Here is an excerpt from the radio broadcast, mentioning FlightCheck and other quality Markzware products:

Carey Holzman of Computer AmericaHour one: Markzware. This software publishing company, caters to the worldwide graphic, printing and publishing industries. FlightCheck is a stand-alone application that can inspect over 45 layout application types and hundreds of image types. The amazing thing is that you do not even need to purchase Acrobat to perform quality control checks on PDF files!

Whenever print shop managers make the decision to adopt a PDF workflow, they need preflight and conversion tools that can easily accept a wide variety of file formats. Increasingly, customers are using business office software applications like Microsoft Word and Publisher. This is bad news for printers since they would rather be dealing with QuarkXPress or InDesign files.

The solution is a combination of Markzware’s wide technical knowledge of file formats and our applications like FlightCheck, Q2ID, ID2Q and MarkzTools. All of these are easy-to-use, cost effective solutions for prepress and print shop managers. While plugins and XTensions like Q2ID, ID2Q and MarkzTools convert and migrate date from application to application, FlightCheck then checks those files, including PDFs to ensure proper printability.

How to Use Preflighting Solution FlightCheck

Markzware’s preflight solution can check Adobe and other publishing file types for print quality control

Note: You can buy FlightCheck via the FlightCheck page. More desktop publishing (DTP) solutions are on the Markzware Products page.

Preflighting Solution for Printing and Publishing Quality Control: Markzware on Computer America

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