Prepare, Preflight and Print Acrobat PDF Files

FlightCheck is preflighting software from Markzware for print. This pre press software can check prepress files to preflight Adobe Acrobat PDF documents in print workflows. FlightCheck thoroughly scans documents to catch potential printing problems, when you are preparing print.

Here is the “Prepare, preflight and print” blog post for Acrobat PDF users. Check out these preflighting tips on how to preflight Adobe Acrobat PDF:

Here are some tips to keep in mind, should you venture to automate print preflight workflows using your own Preflight profiles:

  • Study your usual workflow for good ways to lighten the load using custom profiles. It takes a few minutes to set one up, but then only a mouse click to run it in the future.
  • Write a list of what you’d like to check, and the fixes you’ll need to include.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Rather than starting from scratch, start from an existing profile to which you can add and remove items. For a less-involved process, start with an existing check or fix to which you can add additional tasks.
  • Give your profile a meaningful name. 2009_Johnston_newsletters makes a lot more sense than 20090401.J.N or something similar.
  • Look for a few generic items you might not think of, but that can enhance your documents. For example, you could include Discard document structure or Optimize PDF for fast web view from the Document category in the Fixes. Neither of these examples is necessary for the most part, but both can help optimize your document for quicker distribution.
  • Don’t add more to one profile than you need. It’s simple to build a number of profiles with fixes for different sorts of issues, and then apply them sequentially. You’re not as likely to get confused or forget the parameters of a profile if you confine it to a subset of your workflow, such as images or text evaluations…

Remember that although to preflight Acrobat PDF documents for print is called preflight, it is more of a postflight process. You can better preflight the native files, or source files, during prepress. Use the patented preflight solution available from Markzware via the FlightCheck page.

Prepare, Preflight and Print Acrobat PDF Files