Preparing for Print with InDesign: Remember FlightCheck

Preparing for Print with InDesign: Remember FlightCheck

mchughm1 from Creative Sweet TV (Love that Creative Suite-sounding name!) has a great series of videos they release on a regular basis. One of their more recent ones is on preparing print files with InDesign. Very useful, for they show some techniques and reasons how to preflight and reasons why to preflight (as with Markzware’s FlightCheck) and fix page elements within your Adobe InDesign CS4 layout:

Preparing for Print with InDesign (No. 74)

Yes, you can navigate around within Adobe InDesign CS4 or CS5 and go from Links panel to the Documents panel and try to look at all the various tid-bits of the pre-flight check info. Yes, one can use Live Preflight to see somewhat of an overview of the common errors, as well; this is good. But still, all of this said, it is NOT a full, stand-alone preflight check and package solution in one for all graphic arts formats you will use in the print workflow.
Total Area Coverage, Ink Density with Markzware FlightCheck Markzware FlightCheck is stand-alone, easy to use, and can preflight Adobe InDesign CS4, as well as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, a host of image formats like EPS, and, of course, it can also do a postflight on the resulting print-PDF file. Hands-down, it covers 99% of any problem you as a graphic designer preparing artwork for print and certainly as a printer receiving all color layouts via ONE simple process. Drag-drop and you will get a complete, easy-to-understand preflight report.

Preparing print with InDesign: Preflighting with FlightCheck

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