Prepress Workflow discussions on Acrobat Adobe InDesign

Prepress workflow for Acrobat and Adobe InDesign is a discussion topic at Markzware. Markzware is the developer of FlightCheck, pre press software to preflight file types to check print quality before printing.

Markzware saw a site where you can learn about prepress workflow. You can get involved in discussions (learn, teach and debate) on that subject, including Adobe InDesign, Acrobat PDF, etc. Read this thread about Acrobat Preflight Droplets, then try the FREE FlightCheck demo. See how FlightCheck scans documents to catch printing errors during the prepress workflow before document output:

Acrobat Preflight Droplets fail on Intel Mac

I had a problem with my Intel mac laptop running Acrobat Preflight droplets.

They work now, but I forget what we did do make it work. An Adobe person found me a link or update to perform.

I have a client that needs the same fix.

Preflight for the Acrobat Adobe InDesign Prepress Workflow… FlightCheck Software

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