Prepress Proofing: Preflighting for Print Quality Control

Prepress Proofing: Preflighting for Print Quality Control

Proofing prepress files by preflighting with Markzware‘s FlightCheck for print quality control:

Print shops have a long list of tasks to handle. Prepress professionals may, among many other tasks, need to

  • verify file types and versions
  • handle document proofing
  • collect files and package them for sharing
  • review preflight results
  • provide proof of preflighting

FlightCheck, the preflight solution from Markzware, can help with all of these tasks. Check out this demonstration of preflighting to ensure print quality control while proofing for prepress:

Prepress Proofing:
Preflighting for Print Quality Control

Markzware’s FlightCheck can check InDesign CC and many other file types for printing quality.

FlightCheck pre press software can check Adobe and other file types to maintain print quality control.
You can buy this stand-alone application for preflighting, via the FlightCheck page.
See more printing solutions for DTP and print professionals on the Markzware Products page.
Markzware FlightCheck Results Window with Results Off
Preflighting prepress files for printing quality,
using FlightCheck’s customizable Ground Controls

Has this preflight solution helped you to preflight InDesign or other file types? Comment below to tell us what you think. You can subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and post with Markzware on
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Prepress Proofing: Preflighting for Print Quality Control

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